Joy in Birth 

This family always had a smile on their faces when they came in together for thier prenatal visits and the birth was just the same.  Here is a beautiful waterbirth at home in the hills of Fallbrook. 

Water Birth with Daughter 


I saw my first birth/ homebirth when I was 15 years old and caght my first baby at age 18, for me this birth was a flash back to that moment of having a midwife stand over my shoulder helping me receive my brother into my hands. Now it was my turn to be the midwife assisting a sister in receiving  her sibling into the world.       

Vaginal Birth after a Cesarean 

A local Orange County midwife shares her journey from c section to  waterbirth at home.   

Home Birth Is... 

A doula, placenta encapsulater and birth assistant herself, this mom came to me desperate to find a care provider late in the game. She had had one home birth before in Virginia and couldn't imagine going back to a hospital.

She wanted to share her birth with others so they could see a glimpse of what a natural birth surrounded by support could look like.  Home birth for this mother  is...a time with family, beautiful, redemptive, a celebration, love at first sight...    

Birth as a Family Event   

 A slideshow  of a mom's first home birth with her third girl.  Calm,  serene and focused, supported by her husband and girls she receives her baby in to her arms.      
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