Childbirth Education Services  

Rachel Harris ~ Bradley 

760 - 505 - 0062 

Cris Harper ~ Alpha 

760 -224-7517

Rachel Flores ~ Hypnobirthing 


Liza Janda ~ Bradley


Melissa Furioli ~ HypnoBabies

760 - 703-5973


Childbirth Classes


Christian Childbirth classes


Childbirth Classes


Childbirth Classes

Cris Harper ~ Alpha 

760 - 845 - 0300

Doula  Services  

Courtney Scott 


Debbie Shelton 


Dara Desoto 

858- 699-2710

Erin Fritz

760 - 310- 2050

Robin Baker 

760- 672-7859

Gracie DelMar 

760 - 216-4163

Christina Evans 


Rosie Peterson  

760 - 443-6471

To Labor

Doula Organization & Birth Podcast

Lactation Consultants and  Support Groups

Robin Kaplan & group  

619-606- 2211

Dawn Dickerson 

858-218-MILK (6455)

Alyssa McPherson 


Rochelle Mclean & Alison Weibert

760 - 940 - 2229

La Leche League

Groups / Meetings


San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition

Breastfeeding new & Resources

San Diego Breastfeeding Center

Lactation Classes /Support Group

Babies In Bloom 

Lactation Classes / Support Group

Latching With Love  

Lactation Classes / Support Group

Robin Kaplan

(619) 606-2211

Robin Kaplan

619- 606- 2211

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Resources  

VBAC Facts 

VABC information

International Cesarean Awareness Network 


Evidence-Based Resources

The Unnecesarean

Blog of Stories

Cesarean Rates

Hospital cesarean rates

Home Birth Cesarean

Home Birth to Unplanned Cesarean

Ryan Lee LAc

Scar Tissue Therapy after a Cesarean

C-Section Recovery

Guidance Through Recovery

VBAC Coach

 Doula & Educator


Dr. Axe  

Health and Nutrition

Dr. Mercola

Health and Nutrition

Weston A. Price Foundation

Health and Nutrition

Diet Doctor 

Ketogenic Diet

Mamas Whole 30 

Whole Foods for Pregnancy

Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Nutritional Protocol

Diane Sanfilippo

Paleo Recipies

Bastyr Clinic 

Naturopathic Clinic

Biodynamic Wellness  

Wholeistic Wellness Clinic

Informational Websites for Pregnancy 

Evidence Based Birth 

Studies & Research

Childbirth Connection

Pregnancy Information

Spinning Babies

Optimal Fetal Positioning


Natural Mothering Magazine

Improving Birth

Birth Advocacy & Information

Midwife Thinking

Research Articles

Aviva Romm  


Sarah Buckley MD 

Author and Supporter of Holistic Birth

WaterBirth International

Gentle Birth for Every Baby

Postpartum Support and Recovery 

Momma Ruthii

Complete Postpartum Support

Postpartum Health Alliance

Postpartum Resources

Beautiful Beginnings 

Birth & Postpartum Doula Group

Pregnancy, Exercise &  Wholistic Living Sites 

Baby Wearing San Diego

Learn to Wear Your Baby ~Get Connected to Your Tribe

Be Fit Mom

Prenatal & Postpartum Health   Fitness & Exercise

Mama Wellness 

​Family  LifeStyle Blog

Pelvic Floor First 

Pelvic Floor Strengthing Pre/Post-Birth

Mommy Potamus

Family LifeStyle Blog

Mother Rising 

Holistic Pregnancy Blog

Mama Natural 

Holistic Pregnancy Blog

Fit Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Birth Articles

Joette Calabrese

Homeopathy Information
Kaydee Welchons Midwifery Services