Know Your Fertility 
  What if as young maturing women we were taught the rhythm and cycle of our fertility? What if we were given the tools to recognize the signs of our body and health?  Would things have been different? Could they be different now?  It is not too late.  Learn now the signs and seasons of your  fertility and infertility.  ​​

Our fertility in recent years has been masked with drugs, contraceptive devices,  synthetic hormones and left to chance.  Let's return to a created design of perfection and time-honored knowledge of our bodies and take back what is our right to know.    

Find the alternative to synthetic hormones and devices. 

Monitor Health 

Postpone Pregnancy 

Achive Pregnancy 

Every woman's cycle is regulated by a complex system of hormones that are a signal of health throughout the rest of the body. Become aware of your body's language and know quickly when your hormones are not in the proper balance and expert evaluation is needed. Early detection  for the quickest recovery! 

A woman’s window of fertility each month will vary from woman to woman and month to month.  With careful observation of the signs of fertility a woman with difficulty conceiving can pin-point her day(s) of highest fertility for the greatest chance of conception without fertility drugs or treatments.    
Durning a woman's reproductive years she will experience seasons of fertility and infertility.   With the awareness of when she may be fertile and by following four simple rules she can avoid pregnancy with confidence and plan the spacing of children, even through the breastfeeding years, without devices or synthetic hormones.       
  1. Scientific
    Discovered by multiple doctors.
  2. Effective
    99% effective with proper use.
  3. Simple
    Only four rules for all seasons.
  4. Natural
    Nothing but you and your love.
  5. Proven
    Over 850,000 scientific assays.

The Billings Ovulation​​

Dr. John and Evelyn Billings began their ground-breaking work in the 1950's. They were accompanied by Professor Brown, who performed hundreds of thousands of hormone analyses to confirm what was being observed by women, and Professor Odeblad, with his astounding research of the cervix and its role in fertility. Together this team put together a scientific method for women to monitor their health and fertility.  
Because of this team, we now have a vast understanding of female fertility. What a woman is able to sense and observe accurately corresponds to her individual pattern of infertility and fertility and this has been confirmed with almost 70 years of research and over 850,000 assays.    
It is a method simple to use and appropriate for all stages of a woman’s life. The World Health Organization found that over 90% of women could accurately identify their own fertility phase within the first month of instruction and charting.
The effectiveness of the Billings Ovulation Method® has been published in numerous medical journals and stands unique to other methods of fertility awareness.  With the Billings Ovulation Method®, you are able to recognize your state of fertility on a day to day bases. 

Natural Fertility Control While Breastfeeding 

Deciding how to manage your fertility during the delicate months of breasting can be difficult,  and is highly personal to every couple.  Breastfeeding can act as a hormone suppressant and delay ovulation. It is proven effective to prevent pregnancy if certain requirements are met but can only be relied on for the first six months of breastfeeding while an infant is exclusively breastfed every few hours.    
By learning the Billings Ovulation MethodTM, you will be learning not to base your fertility on chance and circumstances but on your individual signs of daily fertility. Returning to regular fertility after breastfeeding is individual and signs can fluctuate greatly,  securing a  Billings Ovulation MethodTM instructor can help you be sure of your signs of fertility. No temperature or other devices are required; simplifying your life.       
Tailored specifically for young girls who are close to or just starting menstartion. Help them  face the fear of the unknown and  be informed and know what we didn't know. 
Young adult 
Young women who are unattached should know the signs of their cycle, what is normal and what is not, for lifelong control of personal health.
Start Now 
Understanding couple fertility is an important part of The Billings Ovulation MethodTM and takes loving support from both partners for optimal outcomes. 
Take a private or group class and learn more about the Billings Ovulation MethodTM and have a certified instructor help you learn your signs of  fertility and infertility for life.  

Dealing with Complex Situations 

Breastfeeding is a difficult time for a woman to manage her fertility. Prolactin is stimulated every time a woman nurses her infant which suppresses ovulation, however, the more infrequent the nursing becomes the less prolactin is release and ovulation is attempted.  The body's attempt at ovulation may be suppressed by prolactin again as the baby nurses before complete ovulation takes place.  A woman will ovulate before she menstruates, therefore able to conceive again without ever seeing blood. The Billings Ovulation MethodTM has four simple rules to follow to help women navigate this time and to watch for signs of fertility without the use of temperature or other devices.        

Infertility can be caused by a myriad of different reasons. As a woman begins to chart her cycle and becomes aware of her personal hormone fluctuations, the fertility issue can often be pinpointed to the specific issue.  For some women it is not an issue of true infertility but a lack of understanding of when she is fertile as her fertile time may not be on the well-known “14th" day, or may be a very short window of only a few hours.  Issues like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), or low progesterone can cause infertility and are often identified or suspected easily through charting and understanding of the fertility cycle and can be easily treatable. About 85% of women having some level of difficulty conceiving  will be able to conceive using the Billings Ovulation MethodTM         

Fertility after Hormonal Contraception
After coming off hormonal contraception, a woman may not return to a normal fertile cycle for a year or longer as her body readjusts. Her cervical crypts must heal and produce fertile mucus, which is a vital part of fertility.  During this time a woman can receive reassurance and guidance with a Billings Ovulation MethodTM instructor through her body’s changes and help with identifying infertility and fertility.      

Irregular Menstruation (short or long cycles)  
Often women are put on hormonal contraception to regulate irregular menstruation cycles; because of withdraw bleeding they are under the illusion that the issue has been fixed when in fact is it only masking the original hormonal issues. When a woman is on hormonal contraception she is no longer regularly ovulating, and her bleeds are during the time when she is taking her placebo pills; this is when estrogen is withdrawn. The Billing Ovulations MethodTM aims to help women get to the root of their hormone imbalance while giving them the ability to know their infertile and fertile times on a day by day basis.  According to Mary Martin MD, in her greater than 16 years of practice in women's health, she has yet to find a good reason to prescribe hormonal birth control, which masks the underlining cause of fertility issues. 

Hormonal contraception has increased risks for women as they age and move into a time of decreasing fertility. A women’s less fertile years should allow her more freedom, but can often be the opposite as her cycles are now unpredictable and much different than in past years. Seeking the support of a Billing Ovulation MethodTM instructor can be reassuring in an unpredictable time. Fertility awareness is ideal and can be used even after menopause to monitor health.  

A couple's package comes with:
  • 1,  1.5 -2 hour private class in your home 
  • 1-3 in-person follow up classes (usually in two-week increments) 
  • Weekly follow up emails and phone support as needed. 
  • Folder of materials.  

Class Information

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Classes are available for groups, the first class will be in a group setting with private follow up classes. Discount applies to groups of 4 or more.    


why I choose the Billings Ovulaiton MethodTM

Working in an alternative field of holistic health my work attracts those who have questions about the safety of conventional medicine including hormonal birth control, and being a licensed midwife I work with mainly pregnancy, birth and postpartum care and my clients especially have reservations about the safety of hormonal birth control (progestin-only pills)during breastfeeding, it is  for those clients that I began my journey into studying natural fertility and infertility.  
That "ah-ha" moment set me in-motion on a journey to learn more about fertility awareness
After following a routine for years of providing basic contraceptive information, all the jargon I had been taught in school,  it struck me while talking with a new mother adjusting to the recent dramatic changes in her life, that the information I was providing her wasn't helpful or what she needed and she was left on her own to find help elsewhere.   That "ah-ha" moment set me in-motion on a journey to learn more about fertility awareness options and what would work best for new breastfeeding mothers.   
Over the next several months I researched all of the fertility awareness and natural family planning methods I could find, dusted off my collection of books and started reading, I contacted friends who I knew used natural methods and got their insight.     
 tremendous amount of scientific study,  research, and documentation 
I soon realized in my research that all the other methods of fertility awareness and natural family planning including our fertility monitors stemmed from the tremendous amount of scientific study,  research, and documentation done by the  Billings. The method itself has been proven over the last nearly 70 years with over 850,000 assays and has been used very successfully in all social economic groups including a village of blind women in India, and to other illiterate groups around the world. In 1995 the Chinese government announced that the Billings Ovulation MethodTM was a reliable method and acceptable option for the Chinese people.     
 The Billings Ovulation MethodTM has four basic rules, three rules for before ovulation and one rule for after ovulation has been observed, that is it.  I was sceptical at first, but the more I learned through my in-depth classes the more I saw that every rule had been tried and had held true over the years and every rule was very specific to helping couples reliably avoid, postpone and achieve pregnancy as well as a very useful tool in monitoring female health and wellness.     
The Billings Ovulation MethodTM has four basic rules
My passion in learning the Billings Ovulation MethodTM is not only to teach my postpartum moms giving them a reliable natural method for monitoring their own fertility and to help couples pospone and achieve pregnancy through fertility awareness and nutritional changes but to reach out and become a resource of information to young maturing women who are just coming into their womanly bodies  and give them tools for lifelong knowledge and understanding of their bodies.   
Kaydee Welchons, is a licensed midwife in San Diego with an office in San Marcos,  serving predominantly north county San Diego.  Kaydee provides complete prenatal care,  out-of-hospital birth and in-depth postpartum recovery support, nutritional counseling and traditional food preparation classes, and now Kaydee is excited to be a Billing Ovulation MethodTM instructor in practicum (training) offering group and private classes throughout San Deigo county.      
For more information about the Bilings Ovulation MethodTM
At the Billings Ovulation Method Association website you can find more information on the method, how to find an instructor in your area or even how to become an instructor yourself,  you will also find a list of helpful educational resources.  
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