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What is an Advanced Doula? 
Medicaly Licensed Advanced Doula 
Licenced by  the Medical or Nursing Board of California, 
Able to assess the  well being of mother and baby during labor,   
Understanding of the physiological, and wholelistic process of normal labor and delivery. 
  • Complementary support to your care provider
  • Personal advocate
  • Professional understanding of hospital policies 
  • Continuity of relationship before, during and after birth
  • Natural focused care
  • In-depth understanding of medical procedures and interventions
  • Evaluation of the safety of mother and baby during labor at home 
  • Extensive experience with natural unmedicated deliveries​  
 An advanced doula, also known as a monitrice, provides the same support as a doula with a wider base of experience and knowledge of pregnancy and birth.  An advanced doula has the added ability to make medical evaluations, such as vitals on the mother and listening to the baby’s heart rate during labor-- a reassuring measure for parents. They can also do labor progression checks via vaginal exams while laboring at home in order to aid in assessing the best time to head to the hospital for those who desire an extended time laboring in the comfort of their home.  

Experience counts when it comes to your birth. 

Hire the best support to guide you through labor and birth.
Fourteen years of assisting mothers in bringing their baby to their arms.  

Kaydee Welchons Monitrice 

  Don’t let your birth experience be left to chance; education and support are a vital part of every woman’s pregnancy and birth.

   Pregnancy and birth is not an illness that must be treated, but a journey that can be compared to no other journey a woman will go through. A woman carrying a child and preparing to give birth needs a delicate balance of watchful safety, emotional security, and loving encouragement from those around her.  

As an advanced doula, also known as a monitrice, Kaydee has had years of extensive training in the midwifery model of care and is a licensed medical care provider. She is able to provide a much broader range of care, medical evaluations, and has a depth of knowledge to give to her clients.

By hiring Kaydee Welchons as your advanced doula early you can take advantage of someone who will provide you with information and be a consultant on medical testing and procedures presented to you throughout pregnancy and delivery, integrating the midwifery and medical model of care.
   Kaydee believes that women are fully capable of comprehending, understanding, and making informed decisions about their care and what is going on with their bodies.  

   As a licensed midwife, Kaydee believes that all women should have access to the care that they desire, care that is respective, caring, supportive, and unjudgmental-- where they feel most safe.   


Hire an advanced doula early and take advantage of extended education and ongoing pregnancy support  

The more you are informed in pregnancy, the more you can take control of the unnecessary surprises and create a more satisfying experience, confidently approaching decisions without fear.  Knowing your alternative options and what they do for you gives you control over yourself and your experience. An advanced doula understands the options and obstacles present during pregnancy and will preemptively provide you with information of what is to come and the paths you can take. Gain understanding from your advanced doula to take advantage of the opportunity to make this journey smoother and more satisfying.  
Extended Education 
Every pregnant woman needs a knowledgeable confidant to help subdue unnecessary fears or concerns, to ask seeming insignificant questions to (but that really need answered), and to be a harbor of support for those emotional moments. Whether it is your first or your tenth baby, pregnancy surprises and challenges you from your first experience to your last. Having someone with answers and concern for the small and great things alike can make your experience enjoyable, and free of the unnecessary stress of unknown places and overwhelming feelings. With someone you can trust always on call to support you, you can relax and appreciate the treasure of your adventure            
Pregnancy Support 

"Kaydee is a pro at providing useful, research-based, unbiased information in a timely manner to answer all our new parenting questions. She never made us feel like we were asking too many, but encouraged us and provided great resources. We felt comfortable that all decisions were our own, without judgment. " Google Reviewer

Doula Coach for Dads 
Dads are a moms first and most important support during pregnancy and birth, and of course the months after and during recovery.  However, the stress and unknown of childbirth can be just as difficult for fathers-  though in a vastly different way.     
A doula is a coach for dads, providing guidance, and education specific to them, direction on the best supportive measures, and be a reassurance that things are progressing normally. Doulas are an extra set of hands for dads, so they can get a cat nap in, take in some nourishment or update family.   Doulas do not in anyway replace a father's role at birth, but a doula can stand behind a dad and give him the confidence to help his partner in their journey together.    

"Hiring a monatrice /doula was the best decision my husband and I made. Kaydee was the key to helping us achieve our goal of a natural birth. It helped to have someone there not emotionally connected to the situation. She could take a step back and offer tips and advice that neither of us would have tried. It also helped to have someone around to advocate for sticking to our birth plan. I'm so thankful we decided to hire Kaydee to help us have the birth story we envisioned."  Client review 

 A doula, ready to put their life on hold at a moment’s notice, 24/7, ready to come to at any time of day or night, to be by at your side and provide physical, emotional, and guiding support for you and your family on your big day, for as long as it takes, be it 2 hours or 52 hours.

Doula Care

Months to weeks in advance, use the benefit of a doula.  Kaydee can offer you, hands-on prenatal visits listening to your baby, teaching you to tell his or her position in the womb, practicing good positions for an ideal labor.  She will go over a wide variety handouts and resources, help you create a birth plan to reflect your ideal birt,h and engage with you through on-going email, text and phone calls to make sure all your questions through pregnancy get answered.
During labor Kaydee is a master at creating a quiet, secure atmosphere where the mother feels safe and protected able to fully focus on her task, surrendering to her demanding work. During this time Kaydee can provide an evaluation of mother and baby vitals, relaxing massage, and suggest a verity of labor techniques. 
As labor progresses you will be coached on when and how to make your move to your final birthing place. Kaydee will stay with you through you’re your time laboring at the hospital/ birth center giving you the same continuous support through delivery and for 1-2 hours after. On-going care doesn’t stop at the birth, Kaydee is available 24/7 for calls and texts for all those new baby questions or concerns and will follow up with you in your home after you are all home safe and sound.             

"...She was such a huge support system for us, especially when we got to the hospital and the staff & doctors wanted to immediately start multiple interventions. I was in no mood to argue with the hospital staff and Kaydee knew exactly what kind of birth I wanted and made sure that happened for me..." Google Reviewer

You Might Need a Doula to...
A Doula Will...
"Encourage you when the going gets tough,
Cry with you when it is hard,
And celebrate with you when you bring your baby to your chest."
Debrief with after a stressful day.
 Answer a call at 2 a.m. with a “is this normal?” question.
Clean up bodily fluids and vomit during labor.
Hold pressure on your back for hours.
Keep you hydrated when nothing sounds good.
Alert the hospital so they are ready for your arrival.
Get your hubby to eat so he doesn't pass out. 
Make you move when you feel you can’t. 
Tell you that you can when you are ready to quit.

"We used Kaydee as a monitrice for a hybrid home and hospital experience and couldn't be more happy with her..." Google Reviewer

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Kaydee Welchons is a medically licensed midwife in the state of California, she assists moms by providing home and hospital support for the laboring mothers as well as midwifery care and homebirth deliveries. Kaydee has been attending mothers giving birth in home, birth center and hospital for over 14 years, with extensive training in normal, unmedicated vaginal deliveries.      
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